Friday, July 17, 2015

Post 3007 - Vacay


I'm on vacation!!

I do not return to work until the day after the long weekend in August. So, that is... August 4th, I think it is.

While we are away from work, we have work to do here before we can go to the cottage. We will be spending a big chunk of Saturday doing some stuff here at the house. We still plan to go to Dykes versus Divas on Sunday if at all possible, assuming we still have strength in our body to do that after our crazy day on Saturday.

After Sunday, likely on Monday, Patricia will go to the cottage, and I will join her a few days after that. River John Days are next week, and we want to make sure we both catch the village-long yard sale a week from Saturday. For some odd reason that yard sale was for years on a Tuesday. Lots of people went, but I guess more logical heads prevailed and they switched it to Saturday, where even more people can go.

Now, about the blog. I still plan to produce something for the blog every day I am off. I do not think I will have a "best of Bevboy's Blog" thing again this year. Instead, I will likely just produce a short post every day from wherever I am letting you know I am still alive and thinking about you in a way that should not make you feel uncomfortable or ask for your mother.

Tomorrow promises to be a very long day. I think I will turn in relatively early.

See you tomorrow, my friends.


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