Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Post 3012 - Wednesday


Past 10pm.

Still in the city. Patricia drove to the cottage this morning. Last time I checked, she was settling in comfortably.

I finished my Frank column this evening and sent it off. Glad to get that behind me.

I also finished sorting my collection of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, a mag I have read since I was 11. As I mentioned before, I came in to a large number of newer issues a couple of months ago, along with some vintage issues from the 1960's and even a couple from the 1940's. Over the last few evenings, I have taken an hour here and there and sorted them chronologically. While doing so, I discovered quite a number of duplicates, and I am not sure what to do with them. I could hold on to them here. I could take them to the cottage as reading material, and the last time I checked, Patricia was amenable to that. Or I could donate them to someone who cares. Not sure yet.

The magazines sit above me as I type these words, on one of the bookshelves my father built for me probably around 10 years ago now. Two of the four "cells" in it are devoted to EQMM. The third has my Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine collection in it. The fourth, has assorted stuff in it, but I am thinking of moving some other crime fiction-related magazines and books there. Maybe my John D. MacDonald paperbacks, or my Alfred Hitchcock anthologies. Or both. Or neither. Have to give it some thought.

I know you don't care in the slightest, but I do. There is an orderly aspect of this which I find comforting. Maybe you like beer. Or watching sports. Or downloading corn. But I like sorting things into an order which I find pleasing. Sue me.

Tomorrow... well, I'm not sure yet. I will let you know when it gets here.

See you then, my friends.


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