Sunday, August 2, 2015

Post 3023 - Sunday


I am back in the city, having arrived here shortly after 5pm.

On the way here, I dropped off a bunch of stuff at the Value Village in Bayer's Lake, things that we did not need any more at the cottage and were only too happy to have lying around any longer. By the end of the day I will have forgotten what most of those things were. Just as well.

Patricia will be returning to the city sometime Monday morning. She decided to stay one more evening to make some freezer jam and to clean the place up a titch before heading out. When she gets here she will do what I did this evening, which is to take a very long shower and then wash some clothes before we return to work on Tuesday morning.

Another vacation gone. Once again, these vacation days go by so quickly I wonder if they are in a different space-time continuum. I don't know where the days go, or why they go by so quickly. Tuesday, our first day back, will go by so slowly I will likely pass out from exhaustion by mid-day.

I asked my readers a question, a specific question, in the current issue of Frank. I am happy to report that, so far, 3 people have stepped forward to answer it. Blown away, as it was something I had wondered about for several decades. That is the difference between having a blog, read by 4.7 people on a good day, and a print publication, read by... many thousands of people. If you want to know what that question was, check out the current Frank. To learn the answer, check out my next column, which will be out in the next issue of Frank, out in a week. Pretty neat stuff if I say so myself, which I do.

I think I will turn in for the evening. I was up until like 3 am Sunday morning, and I need a day to get back to some kind of regular schedule before Tuesday.

See you tomorrow.


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