Friday, August 7, 2015

Post 3028 - Friday

Hi. Happy weekend.

First week back to work is over. Now I get to enjoy two days off in which I hope to go to the valley and mow the lawn down there. However, there is supposedly going to be a crappy rain storm for several days, so the question is whether I can get down there before said rain starts and complete this important task. I will not know until Saturday morning. But a fella can hope.

If I end up not going to the Valley in the mornin', we may go to a movie tomorrow. Either the latest Mission:Impossible or maybe "The Gift". Wewill not see the new Fantastic Four. It is getting dreadful reviews, accumulating a score of only 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. There was nothing about that film that made me want to go see it, and the reviews are bearing out my suspicions.

I gave away all those duplicate issues of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine today. A friend at work got two of them, while blog reader Patty got the rest, over 40. Patty's face lit up as if I had given her a million dollars or something.

We are on the hunt for a new barbecue. We had hoped that by this time of the year, that bbq's might be cheaper by now, as store managers try to get rid of the stock in favour of other things. But they are still crazy expensive. It is just the two of us, so we don't need a barbecue large enough to feed the Osmonds, but most of the barbecues we see are larger ones. Let me know if you see one suitable in your travels, k?

Guess I will turn in. Might have a really busy day tomorrow.

See you then.


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