Sunday, August 9, 2015

Post 3030 - Sunday


Got back to the city mid-afternoon. Before I left the Valley I surveyed the lawn I mowed yesterday and noticed quite a few mistakes. The swath on the lawn mower I purchased a few months ago isn't very wide. I have to remember to move the mower over maybe half a row each time. It still looks a lot better than it did before I started the job Saturday morning.

Anyway, got back here. We watched a couple episodes of a British drama called "Silk", and once again I am blown away by the quality of most British dramas over their American counterparts. I am just about lawyered out when it comes to tv shows, but this one makes me interested in them again. It's on the Canadian Netflix. Check it out.

The new Frank hits the net Monday morning. I hope you check it out.

Tomorrow we start yet another work week. Yay. Guess I'll go ahead and get ready for it.

See you tomorrow.


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