Saturday, August 15, 2015

Post 3035 - Saturday

Hello again, my friends.

Saturday night. Late. Will be turning in shortly.

I did... almost nothing today. Felt great. I cooked a late breakfast for us. We watched stuff I had pvr'd over the last couple of weeks. And tonight we watched the first episode of "Ray Donovan" on demand.

All I stated about staining my deck, or getting my recycling ready for Tuesday or working on my column, didn't amount to anything. What is wrong with me? I had better be a bit more productive on Sunday than I was today. Even Newbie, who sleeps as much as a typical cat, was looking at me with disgust a little while ago. He probably thinks I'm a poor role model for him.

All right. Let's make a deal. I will get some actual things done on Sunday. Okay? And I will tell you about them tomorrow night. Okay?

See you tomorrow.


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