Sunday, August 16, 2015

Post 3036 - Sunday

Hi. 10pm.

I was up until 2:30 this morning reading a Jack Reacher book, the first one in the series by Lee Child called "The Killing Floor". It is picking up very nicely, but it sure was taking its sweet time to get to this point. Why do authors insist on writing huge books with lots of padding when they could produce something much leaner and meaner, like most authors did 30+ years ago? I mean, I have a bunch of novels written in the 1940's and up; and most of them are maybe 250 pages. "The Killing Floor" is a good 500 pages, and most of them were not necessary. 

Anyway, I did get some stuff done today. The dishes were piling up, and now they're not. I cooked dinner. I found yet more comics to sell off tomorrow. And I have identified quite a bit of stuff to toss out with my recycling on Tuesday morning.

What a hot day! We do not have air conditioning here in the house. In my car, yes. Not in the house. We have had many of the windows open today, and most of the fans, including the one here in my home office. Even Newbie has been lethargic today.

Tomorrow is the beginning of yet another work week. I keep wondering why weekends go by so quickly. I think it is a space-time continuum thing, something that Einstein theorized about at one time. Time is relative. An hour with a pretty girl can go by just like that. But an hour spent in a Calculus class can seem like a day. Weekends are like the former, and week days are like the latter.

I think I will go wring out my shirt and turn in. Work is not that far away.

See you tomorrow.


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