Monday, August 17, 2015

Post 3037 - Monday


Late. Turning in shortly.

I sold off yet more comics this morning. I was hoping to make enough to pay off the young man who mowed my lawn this weekend plus put some gas in my car. I made more than that. So after work this evening I bought a can of semi-transparent stain so that I can stain my front and back deck over the next couple of weeks. It is overdue. Should have done it earlier this Summer. Oh, well.

The man who gave me back issues of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, gave me more of both this morning. I haven't counted them yet, but I guess there are about 40 of them. The thing is, I have already sorted the ones I have, so I will have to integrate these ones into the collection. I will do that over the next few days. As it stands, the magazines are all next to me on my computer desk in my home office.

I spent my lunch hour today writing a rough draft of my next Frank column. When I finish that by Wednesday I will then commence serious work on my next column. I have taken lots of notes and solicited input and suggestions on my Facebook. I will shape that material into something I think my editor will like. Deadline is tight but do-able. Good thing I have this coming Friday off. I will need that time to finish the column.

Met my new neighbors this evening. Well, the husband. Not the wife, yet. But he is really nice. Patricia was so impressed with him that she plucked a container of strawberry freezer jam that she had made and marched it over to him.

I think we are caught up. Except... you haven't told me what you're wearing. Let me know, will you?

See you tomorrow.


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