Thursday, August 20, 2015

Post 3040 - Thursday

Shortly past 8pm.

When I got home this evening I changed into my painting clothes and proceeded to stain the front deck, the places where you put your feet. I didn't do the railings or anything. I wanted to get one coat in before it go dark.

I did.

But then it started to spit rain, so much of my work may be undone.


I am hoping that sometime over the next three days I will be able to complete one full coat of my front and back deck. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed. I will not cross my eyes, though. They may stay that way.

I have a bunch of notes for my next Frank column. I will get up early Friday morning, sit in my underwear and type away until the column is done and I can email it to my editor. I hope that the mental image I just gave you turns you on a little.

I'm gonna keep this post short. Turn in early. And get up early.

See you tomorrow.


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