Saturday, August 22, 2015

Post 3042 - Beating The Heat


I am unable to do much of anything without sweating. Earlier this evening I had to wring out my nipples, which was about as much fun as you can imagine.

It has been too hot/humid/whatever to do much of anything today. I sat transfixed in front of the tv this afternoon watching a show called "City of Vice" through my Plex media server. Newbie would saunter over to me and climb on my lap, only to jump off because our combined heat was too much for him. Which is fine, because I would have asked him to jump off if he hadn't done it on his own accord.

I have eaten only one meal today. This evening, at 9:30, I am not hungry because the effort of chewing something would cause me to break out in a sweat.

Shortly, I will go up to bed. I will lay on top of the bed because to be in the bed would make me even warmer.

Just talked to Patricia.  She is enjoying her last evening at the cottage. It is humid there, too, but the windows are all open and the fan is on full blast. She is likely having a wine spritzer and is watching "Birdman", which she reports is weird. That's usually the way it works.  The films that critics fall all over themselves to like, are oftentimes things that you and I don't get the point of at all.

Anyway, she will return to Halifax sometime tomorrow, likely arriving around supper time, a meal I have no interest in preparing because of the heat. Perhaps we will just look at it each other and sweat.

You guys have a good evening. Talk to you tomorrow.


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