Thursday, August 27, 2015

Post 3047 - Thursday

Midnight. Must turn in.

Long day, and a long night. Washed the dishes tonight, and for my long-time readers, you'll know that is an ordeal. After that was over, we watched the last 3 episodes of season one of Roy Donovan. Patricia will likely start to watch season two this weekend while I am in the Valley.

We had an ice cream social at work today. Every time I think I have problems with lactose, I test it by eating ice cream. If I don't spend hours on the toilet the next day, then I am fine. Ask me at coffee tomorrow, guys, okay?

Newbie is giving me that look. It is the look that says that I have to get up for work in 5.5 hours so why am I still up? I tell him that my 4.7 readers care deeply and passionately about every aspect of my life, so I feel compelled to get this out there. I have a couple relatives who are not happy with me for having a blog, but that will not deter me. The only thing that will deter me is the day when I write something and it really gets me in trouble. Then, I will just tell you all about that thing that got me in trouble and continue on my merry way.

I think I will turn in. Need a few hours of shut eye.

See you tomorrow.


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