Saturday, August 29, 2015

Post 3048 - Saturday


Sorry I didn't write on Friday night. It was one of those nights when I got home from work and decided to lay down "for a few minutes". I ended up sleeping pretty much all night, and did not get up until 6 this morning.

I got up at that time, and drove to the Valley. I had to mow the lawn here at my parents' place, it not having been mowed in 3 weeks. I started this job around 8:30. I took some breaks along the way to get some water and so on, so it took me until noon before I was done.

I took a break in the afternoon. In the evening I got a visit from a cousin and his wife. We had to take care of some long-outstanding business, which became pleasure pretty quickly.

Say, I enjoy having the crap scared out of me. You should see me when I get my visa statement. Shrieks galore. But I enjoy things like Rob Van Dyke's page on youtube. This evening I discovered "Mr. Nightmare", which is video after video of true-life things. The one that will keep me up tonight is this one:

I do not necessarily believe some of the more weird ones, but there is enough material there about the people who disappeared mysteriously, or the one about the woman who traveled under the assumed names and so on, that make me wonder just what happened to her.

Very long day. Another long day on Sunday. Turning in for the evening.

See you tomorrow.


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