Monday, August 31, 2015

Posto 3050 - Monday

Hi. Late. Turning in shortly.

I arranged to take my car in for some required maintenance. This happens tomorrow morning, early. We have to be there at the dealership for 7 in the morning, which means leaving here around 6:15. Which means it will be a very long day tomorrow.

We watched two more episodes of season two of Ray Donovan this evening. Two seems to be our limit. The show is intense, and each episode is about an hour, without commercials. I really recommend it.

What else? I think I can announce a little blog contest. I will even have allegedly wonderful prizes.

It all started today when I changed y Facebook profile picture to the following:

It is a picture of Pattie Shea, formerly of Halifax, and now I think she is still in BC. She kindly posed with herself and added the official Bevboy's Blog slogan, which as you all know is: "Bevboys's Blog: Are YOU one of the 4.7?"

This inspired KellyAnne Beaton-Snailham to get their lovely dog to pose as follows:

Aww! Isn't that sweet?

So, that got me thinking: Why don't you do the same? Pose with the official Blog logo in some interesting location and send me the picture? You can post it to my facebook timeline, send it to me via twitter, or email it to me here.

Please do this. I get a kick out of this. After the year I have had, I need a pick-me-up.

Get to work, folks. What are you waiting for?

See you tomorrow.


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