Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Post 3052 - Wednesday


Had a good Toastmasters meeting tonight. I did my ice breaker speech. 24 years ago, when I did it the first time, I called it, "My, Myself and I". I decided to keep that title this evening, but changed the content. Went over well, but it would have been better with more preparation. It showed, and it was pointed out to me.

Have to get up early tomorrow morning so that I can drop off the car before work, again. This time I am getting a new muffler and some other pieces of the exhaust replaced. $750. Because I am made of money, as you know. What will break down on the car next time?

Not much else is going on, because for something to be going on costs money I can otherwise spend on my car.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow. And don't forget to tell me what you're wearing.


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