Thursday, September 3, 2015

Post 3053 - Thursday


Got my car back at lunch time. Another 750 smackers down the tubes.  But now, at least, I have a car that sounds nearly silent as it runs. The pieces of the exhaust system that were replaced were in poor condition, and now I in theory have a car that should run quite well for quite some time. I hope. After spending 1200 dollars on the car just this week, it wants to be running well.

Patricia will be at the cottage next week, while I hang around here. I have a honey do list that is growing by the day. The main priority will be to stain the two decks, plus the side steps. I can probably get that done in a day, but it depends on the weather and my stamina. Wish me luck.

Today when I walked to the Midas auto shop to pick up my car, I decided to dip into Mary's Place, a diner on Robie Street. I saw Andre Livingston having lunch with some colleagues. He was the former owner of the Halifax  Rainmen basketball team. Not long after I got back to the office I heard that there will be a new team in Halifax in a few months, and that Livingston will be a part of it. Was I just one table away from overhearing something really cool? I will never know. I was too busy eating my chicken kebabs.

Watched another 1.5 episodes of Ray Donovan tonight. Patricia was dozing off, so we will watch the rest of it tomorrow night after work.

And, 4 days later, I still haven't watched the current episode of "Fear the Walking Dead". The pilot was so disappointing. They announced the second Walking Dead series 2 years ago. I am sure there was some development and pitching of the concept before that. So I feel confident in stating that they had 2 years to work on the show, and they come up with this monotonous crap. Even the parent series had some major dragging episodes last season. Time will tell if the show improves, but I have no confidence that it will.

I guess I will turn in. Another long day tomorrow.

See you then.


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