Friday, September 4, 2015

Post 3054 - Friday

Friday night. 11:30. Do you know where your children are?

The long weekend is here. Sometime early-ish Saturday morn, Patricia will pile in her car and go to the cottage for a week. I will remain here and do the things I said I would do earlier this week. Ha ha. Seriously. No. I mean it this time.

After work today I went to the dollar store across the street from my work. There, I purchased several paint rollers and a broom handle to attach them to, all in an effort to simplify my work this weekend. Using just a paint brush to apply the stain will take a dog's age, maybe even a cat's age. 

Newbie has been nudging against my right arm while I have been typing these miserable words. He is a needy little critter. I wonder if he was a woman in a previous life?

I think I should turn in. Will be a very long day on Saturday.

See you then.


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