Sunday, September 6, 2015

Post 3056 - Sunday

I am not a very religious person. I believe that people have the right to whatever belief system they want to have, but that right doesn't go as far as you shoving those beliefs down my throat. However, I will defend your right to your belief system.

I do believe very much in having a day of rest, a day when I can kick back and not do much. And, trust me, as I get older and closer to my inevitable dirt nap, my body lets me know it appreciates those days.

I guess that is why I didn't get up today until noon. It also helps me understand why I ended up taking a nap 4 hours later. And now it is pushing 11:30. My plan is to turn in shortly and get up early tomorrow so that I can stain my back deck before it gets too hot.

The front deck was done on Saturday morning. I put something over the entrance to the deck to keep people off it while it was drying. 36 hours later, it looks really good. Rain should nicely bounce off the deck for the next year or so, especially the walk area, which has two coats of semi-transparent stain on it. This time tomorrow, the back deck will be done, and I will have done something with the side steps as well. That is now the oldest part of the infrastructure attached to the house. The cost of replacing those steps with something newer is more than I can manage for the time being, so I have to make do for another couple of years. But the eventual plan is to have the side steps wrap around and meet with the back deck. I would like to have that area have a raised side to it enhance privacy. I could go out there and read a book or something and nobody could see me.

After the deck is done tomorrow, and I have applied what stain I have left to the side steps, I will then hope for rain just to prove I did a good job.

I guess I will turn in and read a couple more chapters in that Andrew Mayhem novel by Jeff Strand. It is a hoot so far. You have a good evening. Be good to each other. And I will see you tomorrow.


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