Monday, September 7, 2015

Post 3057 - Monday


It is pushing 10pm. I really should turn in soon. Back to work in the morning.

This morning, before it got too hot and humid and muggy and so on, I went outside and stained the back deck to my house. I did the railings and the walk area and the steps, other than the runners because I was running low on stain. I had just enough stain left to do the walk area and some of the posts on the side steps to the house. I think I should invest in another gallon of the semi-transparent stain so that I can complete the task, but at least the job is 95% or so done. A second coat for the back deck would be a good idea.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow. I am hoping it does if only to show me how good a job I did staining the decks. I need affirmation.

Another Labour Day weekend is behind us. I am not sure where the time went. I wish I had got more labour done around the house, but them's the breaks. When you have a house there are always things to do. Wish I could snap my fingers and have it all be done.

Patricia is having a ball at the cottage. Claims she doesn't miss me. I know she does. Or, at least, I tell myself she misses me because I find it comforting to believe that.

I think I will call it a night. A very long day tomorrow, one which will not be over until many hours after I get home from work.

See you then.


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