Thursday, September 10, 2015

Post 3059 - Thursday

Hi. After 10.

I took a sick day on Wednesday. In keeping with my policy, I do not write a blog post on a sick day. Since I was back to work today, I am writing tonight.

I have Friday off. I will be spending part of that time in the Valley. I have a few items to take care of down there and I can't put them off.

Patricia remains at the cottage. With a media player and some portable hard drives and thumb drives full of movies and tv shows, along with an HD  TV I acquired a few months ago for cheap, she is practically at home. I mean, there is no Netflix there because there is no internet connection, but there are worse

Even though there was a special summer issue of Frank magazine, which is on sale now, I have been working on my next column. There has been a lot of radio news. Most of it, people will already know about, but I think I will put those items in anyway.

I think that I will turn in for the evening. Long and important day tomorrow.

See you then.


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