Friday, September 11, 2015

Post 3060 - Friday

Hi. Welcome to the Valley.

I drove up this morning. I had some business to take care of this afternoon. I have spent the time since then kicking back and relaxing over some episodes of "Scandal".

I decided to bring Newbie up with me. He is at the point where if I present him with his carrier, he doesn't run off any more. He doesn't leap into the carrier, but if I gently nudge him by the backside into the carrier, he doesn't fight me either. He will still mewl in the car but even that is not as bad as it was. I am guessing, given how much he has been hanging around me. Unless I try to cut his nails or something, he has been plopped between the keyboard and the monitor.

I usually stay here for the entire weekend, but not this time. I have too much to do in Halifax this weekend. This means I should turn in shortly so as to get a relatively early start to my day.

I have been half-listening to "q" on CBC the last little while. New host Chad (replacing the reviled Jian Ghomeshi) just interviewed someone from "The Warriors", the 1979  movie about a New York gang that has to return to its home turf by going through the turf belonging to other gangs. Apparently the film is one of those cult things, and people quote it all the time. Since I haven't seen the movie, those references would just float blithely over my head. However, the film sounds intriguing enough that I think I will check it out.

Which brings me to this: Tell me about a cult film you like. A relatively obscure movie you really like and that you want to share with my 4.7 readers. You can reply to this post via a comment, email me here, or reply to my Facebook posting.

Get back to me with your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

See you tomorrow.


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