Saturday, September 12, 2015

Post 3061 - (Very Late) Saturday

Hi. Pushing one am. I really should turn in soon.

Or, maybe I won't. I am becoming addicted to "Scandal" and am binge watching it on Netflix. I am about half way through season two. Season four was just released to Netflix in the last few days, so I figure I can keep watching it several episodes a day and be close to caught up by the time season five commences on ABC.

I returned to the city around supper time. I had a lazy morning and that stretched into the afternoon. At one point, I took a nap. Newbie hopped into the bed next to me and stretched out and we both fell back asleep. I am glad I took him with me Friday morning. I think he was, too. I don't think he likes to be alone. Of course, as I type these words in my humble home office, he is upstairs in the living room, resting away.

Patricia returns to the city sometime Sunday afternoon, or early evening. I didn't do as much around the house as I said I would, so I can imagine I will be busy  bustling in the kitchen and dining room when I get up.

Well, maybe after another episode of Scandal

Or, hmm, maybe two.

See you tomorrow.


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