Sunday, September 13, 2015

Post 3062 - Sunday

Hi. "Fear the Walking Dead" starts in about 3 minutes, but I am going to pvr it and watch it later on this week. If I think of it. If I feel like it. Two episodes in, and the show is at best a disappointment. At worst, it is a stunning disaster. The kind where you expect some zombies to stop, wave at the camera and say, "Hi, Mom!" We will see if the show improves, but I am not hopeful.

Anyway, Patricia returned to the house around 6:30. We ate something I prepared, but it sucked, so let's not talk about it any more. And the cup of tea I prepared for her sucked, too. The milk had turned. I made  fresh cup of tea and managed to mess that up, too. So I poured the contents of that cup into a fresh and empty cup, and that was acceptable. I can't seem to do anything right today. Or this weekend. Or lately. Or in this lifetime.

It is the end of another 3 day weekend. I sure could get use to these.

Think I will cap off another lovely evening by watching an episode of "Scandal".

See you tomorrow.


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