Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Post 3064 - Tuesday

Tuesday night. 9:24 or so.

When we get home we typically don't intermingle with our neighbors very much. We're not standoffish. We just keep to ourselves. So when a neighbor told us this evening that they were planning to throw out some long-past-their-due-date house "pests", we couldn't help but pay attention.

It's just the two of us here, three if you count Newbie (which we do). I can tell you that as nice as I am, I would be very hard pressed to accept someone who wanted to stay with us for an indefinite period of time. A weekend, maybe. Something like that. But for two months? No friggin' way. Kick 'em to the coib, says I.

I worked through lunch today to produce a rough draft of my next Frank column. I printed it off here at home tonight and will revise it during lunch tomorrow and after I get home from Toastmasters tomorrow night, will give it a final polish and send it off. There will be content in this column you will find nowhere else. I guarantee it.

Patricia has turned in early. I have a long day tomorrow as well. I think I will join her.

You have a good evening, my lovelies. See you tomorrow.


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