Saturday, September 19, 2015

Post 3068 - Saturday

Very, very late.

I kept napping today, much more so than I meant to. I had every intention of listening to David Myles interview Bruce Gouthro on the East Coast Music Hour today, but I fell asleep. Guthro was gonna talk about his second career as the lead vocalist for Run Rig, the famed Scottish band that is nearly unknown over here but is as popular as you know what in Europe. Missed it. Rats.

(I just spent a few minutes trolling the CBC site. Apparently one can stream the show, here. )

I was down here in my home office a few hours ago when Patricia called me, out of the blue. She was having a break from skinning hares and pheasants and watching videos where somebody field dresses a deer, and thought of me and called me. How very sweet.

It is funny. I have rested so much that here, at nearly 1 am, I will likely be up for several more hours. I will spend time on Sunday getting back to my regular schedule just in time to return to work on Monday morning.

Think I will go read for a while. Have fun. See you on Sunday.


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