Sunday, September 20, 2015

Post 3069 - Sunday

Well, Patricia is back from that Becoming an Outdoor Woman thing. She has learned to do things like how to field dress a deer, how to skin a hare, how to prepare a pheasant to the point where you can cook the thing, and perhaps, how to remove a man's balls at 20 paces. She is the love of my life. You know that, right?

We just spent the last few hours watching the second half f season 4 of "Longmire". Shame on A&E or canceling it last year, and bless Netflix for picking it up. Without having to deal with sponsors and commercial interruptions, they can structure the episodes organically and not have to fit in some kind of cliffhanger every 15 minutes to bring people back from commercials. The show flows 10x better this way. And each episode is about an hour long, so just having 10 episodes is not that big a deal. And since the season ends on a sort of cliffhanger, I have to hope that there will be a season 5.

I am heading into another short week. Three days this week. Thursday, the Deep Roots Festival starts in Wolfville, and we will be there for the whole damn thing. Can hardly wait. Check out the website if you wish.

We have been going for a few years now. The highlight event for me was probably in 2013 when we saw Jesse Winchester. Excellent show. Excellent performer. And it turns out that shortly after he finished that tour of this part of Canada, he returned home, learned he had cancer, and was dead within a few months. I sure am glad I had a chance to see him. He was world-class.

This year we will see Matt Andersen, Old Man Luedecke, Andy and Ariana, Amelia Curran, The Hupman Brothers, Terry Kelly, Catherine MacLellan, Sylvia Tyson, and many more. Lots of music and performers over 3 days. Not much sleep, though. Can hardly wait.

I guess I should start getting rested up.

See you tomorrow.


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