Monday, September 21, 2015

Post 3070 - Monday

Three days to the Deep Roots Festival!!

In other news, I got my monthly pay cheque from Frank Magazine today. Usually the way it works is that my editor emails me to say that the cheque is ready. Since Patricia works across the street from where the Frank offices are, she usually picks up the cheque, and today was no exception. The editor writes "Bevboy" on the envelope, and inside is the cheque for the several thousand dollars that they pay me every month.

I am trying to get in the habit of going for lunch time walks. I am hoping to meander to the bank on Agricola Street tomorrow and cash the cheque there.

What else is going on? We watched the season opener to The Big Bang Theory tonight. Raj had very little to do, once again, other than to behave in a way that makes us think that the character is struggling with his sexuality.  They have been coy about this since the show started. He dates infrequently, and most of his friends are male. Why not have the character realize, or admit, that he is gay and be done with it?

Castle started up again tonight, and I am all aboard for this ride. They have thrown out the crime-of-the-week procedural elements and have made Beckett out fighting some vast conspiracy. Of course, she didn't tell Castle anything about it. There are problems in that marriage.

Gotham started season 2 this evening. If things continue this way, the show will be much better this season. They promise the show will be much less procedural and more serialized, and so far they have my attention.

And The Bald Spot, or the Blind Spot, or The Wet Spot, or whatever it is, the show about the naked woman with the tattoos, was something we watched this summer when the pilot was leaked online. We liked it then, but I am not sure if I will keep watching it. Only so many hours in the day.

Hey, did I mention that Deep Roots starts in 3 days?

Is it Thursday yet?

See you tomorrow, my friends.


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