Friday, September 25, 2015

Post 3074 - Friday


Very late. Turning in soon.

We are back from Wolfville. The nearly 4 hour concert tonight consisted of Amelia Curran, Jonathan Byrd, Sin and Swoon, and Ariana Nasr. I liked them all, but Jonathan Byrd was by far the best of the lot.

We had spent the day around the house. I mowed the lawn. It now looks presentable again. There is nobody else around to do the lawn, or at least nobody in the family who gives enough of a crap to do it. If I didn't mow it, it would not get done, and it would look pretty haggard after a while. Patricia was inside doing some cleaning up. Sometime mid-afternoon, I took a nap.

The roast beast I bought on Thursday was tossed into a crockpot around noon. By 5pm, though, the roast and the veggies in the crockpot were nowhere near done. I unplugged it and when we got back tonight I cut up more carrots and put them  in and plugged it back in. It will cook on low all night long. We should have a pretty good lunch tomorrow.

Also on Saturday we will attend several more performances at Deep Roots, including a song writer's circle that includes as one of its participants, Ms. Sylvia Tyson. I can hardly wait.

I think I will turn in. Saturday promises to be even busier than today.

See you tomorrow.


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