Saturday, September 26, 2015

Post 3075 - Saturday

Past 10.

We spent the bulk of the day in Wolfville, enjoying various Deep Roots events. We are only back here now because we decided to leave during the intermission of tonight's concert. The two acts we did see were not our cup of tea, and Catherine MacLellan and Sylvia Tyson are both performing Sunday morning, so we will see them then. The better part of 12 hours of music and performance today was plenty.

Hard to believe that the event is over Sunday afternoon. It has been mostly excellent so far. We will be sure to go again in 2016.

We had breakfast in town this morning at the Front Street diner. Very good. And late this afternoon we decided to stay in town for dinner, so we supped at Jo's Food Emporium. It's been there since the 1977, but I had never set food in the place until today. Don't ask me why. Some questions do not have answers, and some answers do not have questions.

After dinner we went to the Acadia campus so that I could do some research for my next Frank magazine column. The column is taking shape and I think this material I am working on now will prove to be interesting to my readers.

Newbie really missed us. He met us at the door. As I type these words, he is on the back of the chair resting against my head. Patricia is leaning back in the La-Z-Boy chair watching Reba on CMT.

Went to the dollar store in Wolfville today, three times. It is closing in a few days, although the owner is hinting that he will be moving to another location in town before long. Up to 70% off most things in the store, so I got a tire gauge, a paint roller a couple filled salt and pepper shakers and a few other things, for less than 4 dollars. I also noticed that they had batteries for cordless phones, so I went back two more times and got two different batteries that I hoped would fit in the phone here whose battery is toast. Barely a dollar each with the discount. But they both turned out not to be the correct size. I am pretty sure that the correct battery doesn't exist at the store, but I may take the battery with me to the store tomorrow and try one more time. Do you have any need for cordless phone batteries that have 3 cells? Turns out I have a couple for sale, cheap.

I think I will turn in. Been a very long day, and tomorrow promises to be even longer.

See you tomorrow.


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