Sunday, September 27, 2015

Post 3076 - Sunday


We are back from Deep Roots. My god, what a wonderful time. Wall-to-wall music on Saturday and Sunday, plus several hours each on Thursday and Friday.

There are many highlights. The only lowlights were some acts that didn't compare well with the ones we loved. One lead singer for one group reminded me of my brother-in-law so much that I was put off on their music. Maybe I wasn't being fair.

I took a lot of pictures over the last few days. I will put a few  of them up here and more of them on my Facebook. I have promised one lady in particular that I will write more about her, but it is quite late and I am having a hard time focusing.

I promise to write more about all this stuff on Monday. Look for it then.

I will turn in shortly.

See you tomorrow.


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