Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Post 3079 - Wednesday

Home for the evening. Just as well. It is supposed to rain like a frig muffin tonight.

It is supposed to rain so much, Noah will look out his window and go back to bed. The ark can wait.

I have seen pictures of Maine, taken today. They showed cars nearly submerged, but on downtown streets. It is my hope that this will not happen here.

Had our Toastmasters meeting tonight. Due to a quirk in scheduling, we had 3 meetings this month, and we meet next week, too.

After the meeting was over, I drove to where Patricia was. I drove around and around and around before I found a parking space. She was in the library, enjoying a sandwich. She finished, we drove home, and I finished my Frank column and sent it off to my editor. Deadline met for another 2 weeks. Now, I have to start working on my next column. I have a blank page in the notebook that I use that says Frank 527 on it. Nothing underneath it. Only have 2 weeks to fill that page.

I hope you get the issue. There is content there that I guarantee you will not see anywhere else.

I think I will make sure that the hatches are battened down. I worry about things like that.

See you tomorrow.


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