Saturday, October 31, 2015

Post 3101 - Saturday


These off-putting, pathetic, sub par, Michael Cranston-inspired words, come to you from the Valley. I drove up this morning. Wanted to check the place out.

I went to the Giant Tiger store in New Minas this morning to get a few provisions. Giant Tiger is the place people go when they can't afford to shop at Wal*Mart.

I bought some underpants today. Underwear. Briefs. Whatever you call them. While this may not strike you as remarkable, maybe even boring, this was a unique experience for me. My entire life, my parents (mostly my mother) had purchased my underpants. I wasn't even sure what size I took. I just knew that the Stanfield's that my mother bought me always fit and were always the same colour, so I would not have to think at all about what colour underwear to put on every morning.

Once my mother moved out of the house and into the Shannex in 2013, that kind of shopping for Christmas stopped. Even before that, when she was living here at the house, and after Dad died, she had largely switched over to buying gift cards for people. A 50 dollar gift card for Staples was a very welcome prezzie for me every year. So I am saying that I do not remember the last time I got new underpants. Probably several years, and since several of the ones I had were getting ratty, I could not put off the purchase any longer.

I bought Hanes men's briefs. I think they are my size. I will find out tomorrow when I get up and put on a pair. If they do not go up past my knees, I guess I frigged up on the purchase. And even at an extreme discount store like Giant Tiger, 3 pairs were still 11 dollars plus tax. Why is such abbreviated clothing so expensive, anyway?

This whole post may seem like a waste of time, perhaps even a touch creepy; but it is important to me. I am heading into the first Christmas season without my mother to share it with. The things she always did for me, I now have to do for myself, or they don't get done. I do not look forward to the approaching holiday season. I wish I could just skip it and wake up on January 1st, 2016. But, of course, I still wish I could pick up the phone and talk to my parents. Neither of those things is gonna happen.

It is 9:30. Hallowe'en is nearly over. A sucky year is getting long in the tooth. And I do not know what the morrow will bring.

See  you then.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Post 3100 - Friday


It is close to 10:30.

I have spent most of the evening here in my home office installing the Plex Media Server on the desktop computer. As is often the case, evening supposedly simple things like this are fraught with mishap and mistakes and false starts. I had to fuss quite a bit with linux file permissions until I found a web page that explained that if PMS knows that the main user of the computer is the "owner" and main user of PMS, then it should then be able to read everything on all the damn hard drives. I made that one line change in an obscure file, and it worked. I was then able to re-create all the libraries and tell them where to look for the media in question. Plex is now happily indexing all those libraries, after which it will do post-processing on the entries and add pictures and so on. That is automatic but will take several hours.

I had not intended to spend a third evening in a row huddled around this computer getting it all working again, but that has been the unfortunate case. My brain is fried.

I think I will turn in for the evening. Very long day tomorrow.

See you then.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Post 3099 - (Not So Late) Thursday


After 10. Will turn in shortly.

After being awake until 1:30 or so this morning, and going to work and being there all day, I have to turn in earlier tonight.

I just spent about an hour installing yet another version of linux on this machine. This one is Linux Mint. I have not had a major problem mounting the hard drives I want to mount. The question is, will they remain mounted all night, or will I have to do something to wake them up? There are some tricks and tips I found on the web during my lunch hour today. A colleague suggested I get an adapter for these external hard drives that will create a splitter, where one output goes to a usb hub for data, and the other goes to a dedicated usb port on the back of the machine for power.

I know that these hard drives will stay mounted if I but hook them up to a Windows computer. I know that "mounted" is not a Windows term, but I am not sure what other one to use, and I am too tired to sit down and think of a better one. Sue me.

If the drives remain loaded, either normally, or via the method I am contemplating adding, then I can slowly rebuild the media center that I had before by reinstalling Plex Media Server and Sonaar and Sabnzbd.

Patricia wonders what I do down here for hour after hour after hour. She must think I am downloading corn or something. Most of the time I am doing things like spending untold amounts of time fussing with my media server to get it to do the things I need it to do, and then configuring it to make it work better or at least with more stability. Nothing sexy about that.

I wonder what people do, who don't have my background? The home hobbyist who hears about things and wants to try them out, but becomes frustrated and gives up after a short period of time? Oh, I know! They hit up folks like me to do the stuff for them. For free. I forgot. Never mind.

Friday will be here soon. I think I will turn in. Try to get caught up on my sle....zzzzzz.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Post 3098 - (Very Late) Wednesday Night

Hi. Nearly midnight.

I have spent the last 4 hours farting around with this desktop computer, the one I had installed Plex Media Server and sonaar and sabnzbd on. I added yet another hard drive to the machine, and ever since, the portable hard drives no longer mount. They contain most of the movies and tv shows that Plex indexed for me.

I threw up my hands about an hour ago and installed the latest version of Ubuntu, Gnome Edition. Wotta mistake that was. Made no difference, other than to make the user interface even homelier than it was with the Peppermint OS (Ubuntu lite) version that I was running.

The hard drive I added this evening was done with a shoe horn. There are now six drives in the machine. The one I added tonight was from an external hard drive whose power supply crapped out the other day, so I removed the drive from it, and added it to the desktop tonight. There being no bays left, I used a few pieces of velcro to hold the drive in place, on top of the drives that live in the drive bays. On top of that, I velcro'd a 40GB SSD at the bottom of the unit, and replaced the multi drive with another drive and used an empty slot (which would have been for something like another multi drive) for yet another drive. So, six drives, and they all mount beautifully.

The 3TB external drive is loading well, too, along with the other stand alone external hard drives. But the portable hard drives, which hang off two powered usb hubs, are not mounting any more. I am at my wit's end. I just know that it is nearly midnight, and once again, something that should take only a bit of time has taken the entire night. I even managed to mess up my Fibreop tv at one point. Whee.

If I get home early enough tomorrow night, I will throw myself into this process again. If that doesn't work, I will try something else, but I am not sure what.

Time for a few hours of sleep. See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Post 3097 - Yet More Radio News

Veteran CBC and CKBW broadcaster Les Stoodley died on October 26th. I am trying to track down some comments from jocks who knew him and who can share their comments with me, which I will put up here.

People who watch tv and are of a certain age will remember that Les Stoodley was the host of the regional "Reach for the Top" show, where they would quiz local high schoolers about things they should already know, and oftentimes didn't. I don't remember his hosting the show. I came along later, when Gerry Fogarty was the host.

My condolences to Les Stoodley's family.

And Stephanie Domet announced today that she will soon leave the CBC's Mainstreet show to focus on her artistic endeavors. I hate to speak/write ill of people who are leaving a job, but she was a terrible host. Her inane banter made the show unlistenable to me. When she was off the air, and she often was, her replacements were always better. I am sure that Carmen Klassen, Jackie Torrence and Bill Roach are already freshening their resumes.

Radio folks, if you want a job at the CBC, Mainstreet may even consider external candidates. You never know.

Ciao for now, folks.


Monday, October 26, 2015

Post 3096 - More Radio News

What? Two posts in one day? How much will you pay now?

I got this email over the weekend. It was sent to my editor and to Cliff Boutilier at Frank Magazine, and cc'd to me. I have wrestled with what to do about it. My body aches to ignore it, but I have decided to post it here with little comment.

Here is the little comment.

Mike Cranston is 70 years old. His broadcast career goes back to 1963, before I was born. He currently reads news on a part-time basis at Maritime Broadcasting, where he has worked off and on since 1979. I have a lot of respect for him, and plenty of other people do, too. But he hated my Frank column for reasons he makes pretty clear in this email. However, he did sit down with me for an interview a couple of years ago, before things went South. Here it is.

I do not mind that people disliked my column. There were quite a few people who liked it, and liked it quite a bit, and took the time to write me about it. It comes with the territory that when I pointed out that a few emperors were cavorting around buck nekkid, that some folks would not like it and would take me to task for it. One guy dropped me on Facebook, and did the same thing with Patricia. One Program Director is so mad at me, he called me a beauty for even approaching him for some information, referring to my writing as tabloid journalism. One female broadcaster whose name I do not know confused me with Wayne Harrett and was unfriendly to him until she realized Wayne wasn't me, at which time she became friendly with him. And I am told that some PD's told their staff not to talk to me (but they often would, anyway). I have big boy britches and can take it. So, I pass along Mike Cranston's email with a mixture of bemusement and detachment. Which is quite a combo.

See you tomorrow.



Hello again Andrew and Cliff....
I have just been told that the current edition of Frank Magazine features the final Radio Daze column by Bevboy Keddy. I haven’t read the magazine since November 10, 2014 when I last wrote you about what a sad little column Bevboy constructed every fortnight. I do question why it took you so long to eliminate the drivel and barf of this wanna be radio celebrity, who’s facts were always shaky, style was non-existant, and his column was the personification of mind numbing boredom. I look forward to going to the Superstore in a week or so to purchase the first Frank that has been cleansed of the stench of the tripe that emanated from Mr. Keddy’s computer.
Thank you for improving the content with the simple act of releasing Bevboy. (If he wants to believe it is a cost cutting be it!!!)
Michael Cranston
A returning Frank reader

Post 3095 - Radio News

Yes, I am reporting radio news here again. You can now read it for free, you cheap so and so's.

"Greasy Gary" was an extraordinarily popular character on Q104 for several years. His 7:10am hits for about 10 minutes were so popular with listeners that construction workers would not get out of their trucks and go to work until Gary was done for the day. I heard once that a couple of construction companies contacted Q104 and asked them to move up GG a few minutes so that they could start work on time.

Well, after too long away from the mic, Greasy Gary/Gary Tredwell is back. His feature starts this coming Thursday at 7:50 on Jack FM, with Griff and Caroline. The musical format of Jack FM is all over the map, so I am not sure how that will work out with the people Greasy will be courting. And so far, he will be only on Thursday mornings. Depending on audience reaction, he will be on more often.

This is a good thing. A very good thing. Greasy Gary is an icon, and I am excited by this news.

Jack FM, of course, used to be Lite 92.9. One of their major announcers over the 5 years of their existence was Katey Day, who decided to focus on her musical career and move to New Brunswick a couple of years ago. I covered her last day on the air, you may recall. Here is the link.

When 91.9 The Bend in Moncton went on the air last year, Katey was part of the weekend line up. And, now, starting in early November, she will be full time on the air, joining the morning show with Josh McLellan.

The only downside to this news is that she will not be on Nova Scotia airwaves. I know they have this thing called the inter webs and I could ... I believe the term is "stream" ... this programming on my computer, but it is just not the same.

Congrats to both Greasy Gary/Gary Tredwell and Katey Day on their exciting news.

Do you have any exciting radio-related news of your own? If so, let me know, either by emailing me, tweeting me, or via a private message on my Facebook.

See you later, folks.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Post 3094 - Sunday


Back in the city. We decided to stay at the cottage one more day. The place is shut down for the Winter, and I am not sure if anything else would have fit in my car once we got all the stuff crammed into it.  I had a great deal of fun putting everything in the freezer tonight, too. My goodness.

Newbie was glad to see us. We had left him behind with plenty of food and water. He met us as at the door. I assume he will be aloof (maybe even ticked) with me for the rest of the evening.

We left with some reluctance. It is a relaxing place to be, once you go through all the effort it takes to get there that is. Patricia has stated more than once that when she retires, perhaps as early as 2016, she will spend quite a bit more time there. Meanwhile, I will be here, buried under a ton of old food and cat droppings. Thanks, honey!

It is nice to be back in the city. Nice to have an internet connection again. Nice to have Netflix. Nice to have Plex Media Server up and running. I do delight in my creature comforts.

You guys have a good evening. I will bark at ya tomorrow.


Friday, October 23, 2015

Post 3093 - Pictou County Fun!


Sorry I didn't write on Thursday. One of those nights when I get home from work and sleep the night away. Just as well because it was the first good night's sleep I had had all week.

I write these humble, sub-par, slightly pathetic and off putting words at the River John Library in beautiful Pictou County. We left Halifax this morning and drove up here. We took the long way around, driving through Onslow and Earltown, into Tatamagouche. Checked out the Earltown General Store, and sat in the Game of Thrones chair. I will send it along to the blog soon. The place is perhaps best known for being the place where the infamous Hermit of Gully Lake hung out back in the day.

Once we leave the library, we will drive to the cottage and over night there. We are going there to shut the place down for the Winter, so we will load up the car with foodstuffs that won't keep for 6 months and cram them in the car and drive back to Halifax tomorrow. We picked up some half price hamburger in Tatamagouche about an hour ago, so that will serve as a good barbecue this evening.

Speaking of Halifax, I am glad I am not there today, and especially glad that we don't have to take either bridge to get to work. The "Big Lift" is turning out to be a big pain in the arse. The Macdonald bridge was shut down again today, inconveniencing thousands of people driving to work. AFAIK, it is still shut down, and rush hour home will start in the next 45 minutes or so. Glad I live over in Timberlea, where driving on a bridge is not required. Hey, folks. Move over to the "cool" side of the harbour, why don't you?

And while we are at it, why does the blogger spell checker object to the admittedly-unusual spelling of "Macdonald"? It is not a typo. Some clans of MacDonald's do not capitalize that d. I am not sure what it signifies, but former Premier Angus L. Macdonald spelled his name that way, without the upper case d. He can't have been the only such person in the world. Get used to it, blogger!

Patricia has stopped chatting with Margaret, the lady who runs the library. I guess that means she is ready to head out. You guys take care of yourselves, and I will write you tomorrow, when we are back in the city.

We will get there without using a bridge. Hee hee.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Post 3092 - Wednesday


I went to my Toastmasters meeting tonight. My left leg was so sore, I had to use my daddy's cane again to help me get around. I finally made an appointment with my doc, but I can't see him until November 2nd.

After TM, we went to that new Johnny K's place at Pizza Corner. They sell nothing but donairs and poutine. We had a donair each, and then, feeling gross, drove home.

I just got through washing my navy green jacket, which I have had for years and is so comfy that it may as well be a second skin. But Patricia has been remarking how dirty it was becoming, and after I spilled donair sauce on it tonight, enough was enough. I ran it threw the gentle cycle, inside out with the zipper done up. When it was done, it was still inside out, but the zipper was undone. Centripetal force in action!

Thursday tomorrow. My Friday, as I am off on Friday. Plans are still to go to the cottage.

Think I will turn in. Didn't sleep well last night.

See you tomorrow, my friends.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Post 3091 - Tuesday

Hi. Late. Turning in shortly.

One of those all-day staff sessions today, so I wasn't actually at work. The most important thing I learned today is that ham sandwiches are not necessarily made from pork. Be sure to dazzle your friends and family with that little nugget.

After work, we came back here. After the delightful bagged lunch that was provided to us, I was ravenous, so I ate the rest of the haddock I cooked over the weekend and showered before watching "The Flash" with Patricia. The show gets better every week. Watch The Flash, people.

It is now past 10:30. My work week is half over. Two more days until we go to the cottage one last time this year. It is the little pleasures that keep me going.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Post 3090 - Monday

Watching the election on tv. The polls have closed in Newfoundland, and they just closed a few minutes ago in the Maritimes.

People have been writing to express disappointment over Frank's cancellation of my column. The last/latest one is up today. I don't want to look unseemly and give my editor the impression that I am begging for my job back, because I am not. I wasn't fired. This was a cost-cutting thing only. Nothing to do with the quality of my work as I have stated before.

So, just this one time, I will give you the editor's email address. If you want to, and only if you want to, you can drop Andrew a line and tell him that you enjoyed my column and will miss it. If it is the case, then you can tell him that my column was your fave part of a given issue of Frank, although I would find that hard to believe.

Here is his email address.

You're welcome.

I think I will get back to watching the election. History will be made tonight.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Post 3089 - Sunday


I haven't written in a few days. I have felt like crap all weekend, and slept more than I was awake.

I did get up early enough on Saturday morning to go to Costco, though, to get some stuff for last night's dinner. While waiting outside for the place to open, I struck up a conversation with the guy next to me. Turns out, his last name and my last name are the same. And his sister is named Beverly. So, there is another Beverly out there with my last name. What are the odds that I would talk to the guy next to me in a line up, and his sister would have the same name as I? About 3.4%.

I did watch several more episodes of "Scandal" this weekend, and am in the last third of season 4. I cooked dinner last night, and turned in early.

I heard a good chunk of CBC's Weekend Morning this weekend, and heard most of the send off to Duke, the Studio Stallion. I am of two minds about it. On one hand, it was an awfully old shtick that went on for years and years longer than I thought it would. On the other, "Duke" was popular with listeners, so why let it go? Are they planning further changes at Weekend Mornings, now that Stan Carew is gone? Time will tell.

I guess I will turn in for the evening. See you tomorrow.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Post 3088 - Important Bevboy News!

Well, I was hoping to break this news myself next week, but someone has leaked it to Wayne Harrett, so I may as well mention it here.

I sent off my most recent Frank Magazine column Wednesday evening. It will go live on Monday morning. And it will be my final column, at least for the foreseeable future.

I am grateful to my editor, Andrew Douglas, for giving me, a non-writer, a guy who doesn't work in radio and never will, a chance to write a media column, one focused on the Nova Scotia radio scene. He provided lots of feedback to me over the past year which I took to heart and used to make the column as good as I could.

I covered stories about Paula Breckon's dismissal, the crap going on at Evanov, the various comings and goings (and more goings) at all the stations in the Halifax market. I had fun. And I let off some steam, and learned how to write a column, which is not that easy a thing to do. I have no regrets. And if I ticked off some people who had it coming to them, then I especially have no regrets.

I do have one more comment to make. Frank Magazine has a reputation as being a muckraker, and plenty of people hate it, and despise the people who work for it. But getting to know the folks who toil there day in and day out was a pleasure. They are good, earnest people who put out the best product they can, under trying circumstances and constraints. And they care.

One quick example. On... July 10th, I think it was, Patricia had a doctor's appointment, and I felt that my place was there with her, which it was. It was around the same time as Stan Carew's funeral. I wrote Andrew and told him that I could not go to the funeral, and why. He wrote back within minutes, expressing hope that Patricia's situation was not serious and that she would be okay. Not a word about not covering the funeral for Frank. He knew that I was where I should be.

I will resume writing radio news and commentary on this blog, as the news items present themselves. Any radio professionals reading this who want to pass along any news stories to me are welcome to write me at this email address. I will not use your name unless you tell me I can.

See you tomorrow, my friends.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Post 3087 - Wednesday

Hi. Nine pm.

Apparently I am missing one hell of a baseball game on the teevee. Blue Jays versus some team in Texas. I have instead spent time this evening working on my latest Frank column and re-watching part of last night's Flash with Patricia. I showed her yesterday's column and the iconic imagery in the episode, which she would have missed had it not been for me. Me am so smart.

I keep forgetting this is Wednesday. Two more days until the weekend. Just not sure if the weekend will be me in the Valley, or the two of us in the city going to Nocturne in downtown Halifax. It is always a gas when we go, although we made a mistake last year when we spent the bulk of the evening in the North End of the city, rather than the downtown or Spring Garden Road or whatever. We won't make that mistake again. There just wasn't enough stuff on Gottingen/Agricola Streets, and side streets, to justify our wandering up and down them looking for evening-based artwork.

I guess whether we go to Nocturne depends on the weather. If it is raining, we will stay home. I don't mind it being cold; I mind it raining.

You know, I don't think I have anything more to say this evening, so I will cut this a bit short and wish you adieu.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Post 3086 - Tuesday

Hi. 10:30. Turning in soon.

I have produced a rough draft of my next Frank column. Assuming that the rainy weather continues and I don't go for a walk during lunch tomorrow, I will edit and revise it then, make the changes and send it off to my editor.

Tonight, we watched the season opener of iZombie. It is even better this year than last. We watched CSI:Cyber, which was viewable. The whole CSI motif is so 2007. I highly doubt if the show will make it through the entire tv season. CBS will likely trim its order and it will be gone.

Patricia went to bed early so she didn't see the entire episode of Flash, but I sure did. The show get better week after week. I grew up reading Flash comics, so to see Jay Garrick in costume, with his helmet, tonight was a fan boy's dream come true. And the homage to the very famous Flash of Two Worlds from the comics is something that most people would miss, but we geeks did not. Here is what I mean.

Here is what I mean:

On the left is the cover for Flash #123 from 1961. It brought together the "Barry Allen" Flash (the guy on the left) with the "original" Flash, Jay Garrick, whose heyday was during the War. Through some plot device that would make you roll your eyes up inside your head, never to be seen again, these two Flashes were brought together, even though they lived on parallel worlds.

On the right hand side is a visual representation of the original cover, in the context of tonight's Flash episode.

If you click on images in google after searching for "Flash of Two Worlds", you will see many, many comics covers that are an homage to the original story. But tonight, on the Flash tv show, they did that homage as part of the storyline. And it was mighty pleasing to watch. And aren't you tired of the word "homage" already?

I love how the producers of the Flash show are respectful of the original mythos and re-work things just enough to make them compelling to today's viewers, while keeping us old farts satisfied. It is this respect for the source material that ensured the success of many comics-based films. When the source material is shunned, as it was for this summer's Fantastic Four movie, well, you get a 9% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a lot of finger pointing.

I am hoping they keep Jay around on The Flash. And I hope that the show keeps getting better. It hasn't let me down yet.

See you tomorrow, my friends.


Monday, October 12, 2015

Post 3085 - Monday

Yeah. I have not written in 3 days. I am sorry. Lot going on.

The highlight was Saturday night when we went to see Loreena McKennitt. The only song by her I know of is the Mummer's Dance, but she did not do that song in a nearly 2 hour set. Instead, we were treated to a 20 minute spoken-word interlude about the Irish Potato Famine. I am not kidding. And people applauded when that portion was over. I am still not kidding.

After two hours, the show was over. I was thankful. We made our way back home and watched some "Whose Line" shows.

Sunday, we both took it easy. She watched stuff upstairs. I watched stuff, downstairs. I threw some magazines in some bags, all to go out on Tuesday.

Today, I bundled up some cardboard boxes because tomorrow is recycling day. We also had our Thanksgiving chicken.

First Thanksgiving since my mom died. Not sure why this one was so rough, but it was. Christmas is coming, and I do not look forward to it.


Back to work tomorrow. See you then.


Friday, October 9, 2015

Post 3084 - Friday

Hi. Friday night.

The federal election is on the 19th, but the advanced polls are all weekend long, including Thanksgiving Day. We decided to take advantage of that and voted after work tonight. It took us perhaps 5 minutes. My civic duty has been met. Now, I can see if "my guy" gets in on the 19th.

We just spent the last couple hours watching episodes of "Whose Line is it, Anyway?" on the pvr. My face hurts from laughing so much. So happy that the CW brought it back. I have some idea how hard improvisational acting is, having taken an improv acting class back in 2004. But you know that, don't you, if you read all the way back to around post 100 in 2008. Don't tell me you have forgotten about that already, silly.

Heading into a 3 day weekend. I will try not to sleep all day, but the more sleep I get, the healthier my bum knee becomes. Scientists have never been quite able to understand the link between sleep and healing but I get it fully. If you are lazy, and sleep, you can't get further injured, and existing injuries will get better. Where is my Nobel Prize for science? When will I get the early-morning phone call from the guy with the Swedish accent?

I think I will turn in. Been a long day.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Post 3083 - Bevboy's Back!!

Hi. Remember me?

I haven't written in 3 days, an unusually-long break for me. I apologize, but as is my policy, when I take a sick day, or two sick days, then I do not write blog posts on that day. I have explained the reasons for this before. They are good ones.

My knees are much improved. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday with my legs elevated in my recliner, either sleeping or watching Netflix, or some combination thereof. By this morning, I decided I could handle work.

I grabbed my daddy's cane and used it at work today. More than a few people asked me why I was using a cane. I changed the story each time. One time I said I was defending a woman's honor. The next I said I was trying out for a one person play about the life of Monica Lewinsky and my method acting got the better of me. The third story involved crawling across broken glass for my beloved. Then the stories got silly.

After work, we drove home, and I decided to leave the cane in the car. My right knee is still quite sore, so using stairs is difficult, so I use my left leg for the lifting and kinda drag my right leg after me, like it was a tail or something. Just coming downstairs a few minutes ago to write this post caused some wincing, so I am not out of the woods yet. I am glad that we are heading into a 3 day weekend. I need to keep my legs in the air for another couple of days.


That doesn't sound right somehow.


I need to keep my legs elevated in such a way as not to cause my knees any stress or aggravation. Another night or two of this should make a huge difference.

I am sitting on some news, but I am not going to reveal it until next week. Probably Thursday, or Friday, or the first of the week after that. You can try to kiss the answer out of me, guys, but it just won't work. You can try to tickle the answer out of me, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, but it will avail you naught. You can offer to take turns rubbing Bengay on my right knee and... well, that might work, actually. Let's try it at work tomorrow.

I think I will call it a night. Wanna watch an episode or two of "Scandal" before I turn in.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, October 5, 2015

Post 3082 - Monday


Sorry I didn't write on Sunday. I wasn't feeling well. Headache. Pains. And I injured my knees on Saturday to the point where I could barely walk on Sunday.

Things are not much better today. I went to work this morning, but navigating the stairs in my building was very painful. When my boss and I went for our nearly-daily stroll around the block, I struggled to keep up with him. Walking up the stairs caused me tremendous discomfort. And I am still in pain. I can rub the knees and not feel any pain, but the moment I try to use them to aid in walking, watch out. Hurts like a bugger.

Tonight, we watched "Big Bang", followed by "Castle" and "Gotham". Have bailed on "The Blindspot".

"Big Bang" remains laff-out-loud funny in its 9th season.

"Castle", in its 8th season, is shaking things up by forcing a marital separation between Castle and Beckett. I am still trying to figure out if this is a jump-the-shark moment, or a work of near genius. Doesn't matter. I am watching the show consistently again.

And "Gotham" has improved by leaps and bounds over last season. In its 3rd episode, there have been many WTF moments, but the biggest one was how they fooled the viewer into thinking that one character was going to become one of Batman's most iconic villains, and then making it impossible for that to happen. Cagey little so-and-so's, those producers. Absolute must-see viewing. DC's movies suck, but their tv shows are pretty damned good.

And, now that I have that hour of my life back by no longer watching "The Blindspot", I guess I can devote it to either sleeping or catching up to stuff I've pvr'd. Hard to say. Maybe an extra bit of sleep will help me heal faster.

See you tomorrow.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Post 3081 - Saturday


Slept in a lot today. And we spent much of the day watching episodes of season 3 of Ray Donovan. Just 2 to go.

On Friday afternoon we went to a thrift shop, a place where even well-to-do folks go to buy used clothes at good prices. It is also a good place to get used books and electronics. I have bought more than a few radios there over the years. I cannot overlook the number of used local history books I have bought there as well.

I did very well there on Friday, getting 5 more books for my burgeoning collection. I got Janice Landry's book about her dad and the lives he saved in the 1970's, and how those people are doing today. I got "volume one" of Shipwrecks of Nova Scotia, first published in 1977. I got yet another copy of Bluenose Ghosts, and remind me to read a damn copy of the book one of these years, eh? I found a book about the Halifax explosion that I had never heard of before. And I got a book about Halifax's downtown core by the (now) late Lou Collins.

Collins was an interesting cat: among other things he was credited for saving the historic properties area downtown, which led to the crap that is the Cogswell Exchange, the roads that go nowhere. Those roads, among other things, split the downtown from the North end, and caused streets like Gottingen and Agricola to go into a decades-long decline that is only reversing now. You win some. You lose some.

Collins wrote for the Southender magazine for years and years, until not long before his death. I always found his subjects interesting, but his writing style was so dense and stuffy and convoluted that it defied most of my attempts to read it. I am not sure why some editor didn't sit him down and tell him to use 30% fewer words, and to stop putting every other phrase in quotation marks, as if they were the wrong words to use, but he used them anyway hee hee hee.

I am glad I got all these books. If nothing else, Landry's book sold for 20 bucks when it came out in 2012, and I got it plus the other ones I listed for only about 16. I got a good deal.

I also got a book about the old pulp heroes of the 1930's and 1940's. Interesting stories about these old characters that almost make me want to read some of their stories. Almost.

I guess I will turn in. Busy day tomorrow. Busy doing... I'm not sure yet.

See you then, my friends.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Post 3080 - Friday

Late. Very late.

Didn't write on Thursday. Body kinda crapped out on me around 9:30. Sorry about that.

On Friday we went in to town. Patricia had a thing. Afterward, we ate and then drove to Bayer's Lake, there to get some shaving soap for myself.

There are all kinds of expensive shaving soaps for men. All kinds of shaving cream in a can that leaves behind an empty can afteward. I don't want any of that stuff. Williams shaving soap, for $1.88 per cake, is perfectly fine. It comes in a small cardboard box; there is no additional packaging. A bar lasts me for a couple of months. I bought two cakes of it today. Patricia promises to buy me more for Christmas this year, likely enough to last me all of 2016.

I had a look for something else while I was at the Wal*Mart today. I want to get razor blades. The kind my dad used to use before he went to disposable ones. I can't use disposable blades because they cut my face to ribbons. In recent years, I have been using the Gillette Pro-Glide, or Mach 3, or Pro-Fusion, or whatever the flavour of the month has been.

These provide excellent shaves, but they are expensive. I don't feel like paying 40 or 50 bucks for a set of these blades. I know the trick where you wash the blade when you're done and then thoroughly dry it, but even that doesn't make the blades last that much longer.

I look high and low, but I could not find the old-fashioned "safety" razor blades, the kind where you put in the razor and use it until it becomes dull. Then, you pick the blade out of the razor, flip it around, and get a bunch more shaves out of it. You buy a passel of those blades at a time, and they don't cost much. And they quality of the shave is just ducky.

When Patricia took me to Sailor Bup's last year, that's what they used, just simple blades, and not the crazy-ass expensive ones that have 15 blades in them to give you a close shave to beat all close shaves.

Time was, these safety blades were plentiful. Then, the disposable ones came out. Then, the crazy  expensive ones I have already described came out. What about the safety blades?

Am I the only one who still wants to use them? Where do I buy them? Do you see, the things I worry about?

Spent the evening watching the last few episodes of season one of "Scream". Then, two eps of season three of "Ray Donovan". But I still thought about razor blades. An unhealthy obsession? Maybe.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow.