Friday, October 2, 2015

Post 3080 - Friday

Late. Very late.

Didn't write on Thursday. Body kinda crapped out on me around 9:30. Sorry about that.

On Friday we went in to town. Patricia had a thing. Afterward, we ate and then drove to Bayer's Lake, there to get some shaving soap for myself.

There are all kinds of expensive shaving soaps for men. All kinds of shaving cream in a can that leaves behind an empty can afteward. I don't want any of that stuff. Williams shaving soap, for $1.88 per cake, is perfectly fine. It comes in a small cardboard box; there is no additional packaging. A bar lasts me for a couple of months. I bought two cakes of it today. Patricia promises to buy me more for Christmas this year, likely enough to last me all of 2016.

I had a look for something else while I was at the Wal*Mart today. I want to get razor blades. The kind my dad used to use before he went to disposable ones. I can't use disposable blades because they cut my face to ribbons. In recent years, I have been using the Gillette Pro-Glide, or Mach 3, or Pro-Fusion, or whatever the flavour of the month has been.

These provide excellent shaves, but they are expensive. I don't feel like paying 40 or 50 bucks for a set of these blades. I know the trick where you wash the blade when you're done and then thoroughly dry it, but even that doesn't make the blades last that much longer.

I look high and low, but I could not find the old-fashioned "safety" razor blades, the kind where you put in the razor and use it until it becomes dull. Then, you pick the blade out of the razor, flip it around, and get a bunch more shaves out of it. You buy a passel of those blades at a time, and they don't cost much. And they quality of the shave is just ducky.

When Patricia took me to Sailor Bup's last year, that's what they used, just simple blades, and not the crazy-ass expensive ones that have 15 blades in them to give you a close shave to beat all close shaves.

Time was, these safety blades were plentiful. Then, the disposable ones came out. Then, the crazy  expensive ones I have already described came out. What about the safety blades?

Am I the only one who still wants to use them? Where do I buy them? Do you see, the things I worry about?

Spent the evening watching the last few episodes of season one of "Scream". Then, two eps of season three of "Ray Donovan". But I still thought about razor blades. An unhealthy obsession? Maybe.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow.



TBDbyTBA said...

Hi, I actually know a guy in Halifax that collects razors as a hobby. He could probably help you out, and possibly offer a nice discussion on razors and shaving techniques.

Gristmiller123 said...

Check out... " a better way to shave....