Monday, October 5, 2015

Post 3082 - Monday


Sorry I didn't write on Sunday. I wasn't feeling well. Headache. Pains. And I injured my knees on Saturday to the point where I could barely walk on Sunday.

Things are not much better today. I went to work this morning, but navigating the stairs in my building was very painful. When my boss and I went for our nearly-daily stroll around the block, I struggled to keep up with him. Walking up the stairs caused me tremendous discomfort. And I am still in pain. I can rub the knees and not feel any pain, but the moment I try to use them to aid in walking, watch out. Hurts like a bugger.

Tonight, we watched "Big Bang", followed by "Castle" and "Gotham". Have bailed on "The Blindspot".

"Big Bang" remains laff-out-loud funny in its 9th season.

"Castle", in its 8th season, is shaking things up by forcing a marital separation between Castle and Beckett. I am still trying to figure out if this is a jump-the-shark moment, or a work of near genius. Doesn't matter. I am watching the show consistently again.

And "Gotham" has improved by leaps and bounds over last season. In its 3rd episode, there have been many WTF moments, but the biggest one was how they fooled the viewer into thinking that one character was going to become one of Batman's most iconic villains, and then making it impossible for that to happen. Cagey little so-and-so's, those producers. Absolute must-see viewing. DC's movies suck, but their tv shows are pretty damned good.

And, now that I have that hour of my life back by no longer watching "The Blindspot", I guess I can devote it to either sleeping or catching up to stuff I've pvr'd. Hard to say. Maybe an extra bit of sleep will help me heal faster.

See you tomorrow.


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