Thursday, October 8, 2015

Post 3083 - Bevboy's Back!!

Hi. Remember me?

I haven't written in 3 days, an unusually-long break for me. I apologize, but as is my policy, when I take a sick day, or two sick days, then I do not write blog posts on that day. I have explained the reasons for this before. They are good ones.

My knees are much improved. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday with my legs elevated in my recliner, either sleeping or watching Netflix, or some combination thereof. By this morning, I decided I could handle work.

I grabbed my daddy's cane and used it at work today. More than a few people asked me why I was using a cane. I changed the story each time. One time I said I was defending a woman's honor. The next I said I was trying out for a one person play about the life of Monica Lewinsky and my method acting got the better of me. The third story involved crawling across broken glass for my beloved. Then the stories got silly.

After work, we drove home, and I decided to leave the cane in the car. My right knee is still quite sore, so using stairs is difficult, so I use my left leg for the lifting and kinda drag my right leg after me, like it was a tail or something. Just coming downstairs a few minutes ago to write this post caused some wincing, so I am not out of the woods yet. I am glad that we are heading into a 3 day weekend. I need to keep my legs in the air for another couple of days.


That doesn't sound right somehow.


I need to keep my legs elevated in such a way as not to cause my knees any stress or aggravation. Another night or two of this should make a huge difference.

I am sitting on some news, but I am not going to reveal it until next week. Probably Thursday, or Friday, or the first of the week after that. You can try to kiss the answer out of me, guys, but it just won't work. You can try to tickle the answer out of me, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, but it will avail you naught. You can offer to take turns rubbing Bengay on my right knee and... well, that might work, actually. Let's try it at work tomorrow.

I think I will call it a night. Wanna watch an episode or two of "Scandal" before I turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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