Monday, October 12, 2015

Post 3085 - Monday

Yeah. I have not written in 3 days. I am sorry. Lot going on.

The highlight was Saturday night when we went to see Loreena McKennitt. The only song by her I know of is the Mummer's Dance, but she did not do that song in a nearly 2 hour set. Instead, we were treated to a 20 minute spoken-word interlude about the Irish Potato Famine. I am not kidding. And people applauded when that portion was over. I am still not kidding.

After two hours, the show was over. I was thankful. We made our way back home and watched some "Whose Line" shows.

Sunday, we both took it easy. She watched stuff upstairs. I watched stuff, downstairs. I threw some magazines in some bags, all to go out on Tuesday.

Today, I bundled up some cardboard boxes because tomorrow is recycling day. We also had our Thanksgiving chicken.

First Thanksgiving since my mom died. Not sure why this one was so rough, but it was. Christmas is coming, and I do not look forward to it.


Back to work tomorrow. See you then.


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