Thursday, October 15, 2015

Post 3088 - Important Bevboy News!

Well, I was hoping to break this news myself next week, but someone has leaked it to Wayne Harrett, so I may as well mention it here.

I sent off my most recent Frank Magazine column Wednesday evening. It will go live on Monday morning. And it will be my final column, at least for the foreseeable future.

I am grateful to my editor, Andrew Douglas, for giving me, a non-writer, a guy who doesn't work in radio and never will, a chance to write a media column, one focused on the Nova Scotia radio scene. He provided lots of feedback to me over the past year which I took to heart and used to make the column as good as I could.

I covered stories about Paula Breckon's dismissal, the crap going on at Evanov, the various comings and goings (and more goings) at all the stations in the Halifax market. I had fun. And I let off some steam, and learned how to write a column, which is not that easy a thing to do. I have no regrets. And if I ticked off some people who had it coming to them, then I especially have no regrets.

I do have one more comment to make. Frank Magazine has a reputation as being a muckraker, and plenty of people hate it, and despise the people who work for it. But getting to know the folks who toil there day in and day out was a pleasure. They are good, earnest people who put out the best product they can, under trying circumstances and constraints. And they care.

One quick example. On... July 10th, I think it was, Patricia had a doctor's appointment, and I felt that my place was there with her, which it was. It was around the same time as Stan Carew's funeral. I wrote Andrew and told him that I could not go to the funeral, and why. He wrote back within minutes, expressing hope that Patricia's situation was not serious and that she would be okay. Not a word about not covering the funeral for Frank. He knew that I was where I should be.

I will resume writing radio news and commentary on this blog, as the news items present themselves. Any radio professionals reading this who want to pass along any news stories to me are welcome to write me at this email address. I will not use your name unless you tell me I can.

See you tomorrow, my friends.


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