Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Post 3092 - Wednesday


I went to my Toastmasters meeting tonight. My left leg was so sore, I had to use my daddy's cane again to help me get around. I finally made an appointment with my doc, but I can't see him until November 2nd.

After TM, we went to that new Johnny K's place at Pizza Corner. They sell nothing but donairs and poutine. We had a donair each, and then, feeling gross, drove home.

I just got through washing my navy green jacket, which I have had for years and is so comfy that it may as well be a second skin. But Patricia has been remarking how dirty it was becoming, and after I spilled donair sauce on it tonight, enough was enough. I ran it threw the gentle cycle, inside out with the zipper done up. When it was done, it was still inside out, but the zipper was undone. Centripetal force in action!

Thursday tomorrow. My Friday, as I am off on Friday. Plans are still to go to the cottage.

Think I will turn in. Didn't sleep well last night.

See you tomorrow, my friends.


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