Friday, October 23, 2015

Post 3093 - Pictou County Fun!


Sorry I didn't write on Thursday. One of those nights when I get home from work and sleep the night away. Just as well because it was the first good night's sleep I had had all week.

I write these humble, sub-par, slightly pathetic and off putting words at the River John Library in beautiful Pictou County. We left Halifax this morning and drove up here. We took the long way around, driving through Onslow and Earltown, into Tatamagouche. Checked out the Earltown General Store, and sat in the Game of Thrones chair. I will send it along to the blog soon. The place is perhaps best known for being the place where the infamous Hermit of Gully Lake hung out back in the day.

Once we leave the library, we will drive to the cottage and over night there. We are going there to shut the place down for the Winter, so we will load up the car with foodstuffs that won't keep for 6 months and cram them in the car and drive back to Halifax tomorrow. We picked up some half price hamburger in Tatamagouche about an hour ago, so that will serve as a good barbecue this evening.

Speaking of Halifax, I am glad I am not there today, and especially glad that we don't have to take either bridge to get to work. The "Big Lift" is turning out to be a big pain in the arse. The Macdonald bridge was shut down again today, inconveniencing thousands of people driving to work. AFAIK, it is still shut down, and rush hour home will start in the next 45 minutes or so. Glad I live over in Timberlea, where driving on a bridge is not required. Hey, folks. Move over to the "cool" side of the harbour, why don't you?

And while we are at it, why does the blogger spell checker object to the admittedly-unusual spelling of "Macdonald"? It is not a typo. Some clans of MacDonald's do not capitalize that d. I am not sure what it signifies, but former Premier Angus L. Macdonald spelled his name that way, without the upper case d. He can't have been the only such person in the world. Get used to it, blogger!

Patricia has stopped chatting with Margaret, the lady who runs the library. I guess that means she is ready to head out. You guys take care of yourselves, and I will write you tomorrow, when we are back in the city.

We will get there without using a bridge. Hee hee.


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