Monday, October 26, 2015

Post 3096 - More Radio News

What? Two posts in one day? How much will you pay now?

I got this email over the weekend. It was sent to my editor and to Cliff Boutilier at Frank Magazine, and cc'd to me. I have wrestled with what to do about it. My body aches to ignore it, but I have decided to post it here with little comment.

Here is the little comment.

Mike Cranston is 70 years old. His broadcast career goes back to 1963, before I was born. He currently reads news on a part-time basis at Maritime Broadcasting, where he has worked off and on since 1979. I have a lot of respect for him, and plenty of other people do, too. But he hated my Frank column for reasons he makes pretty clear in this email. However, he did sit down with me for an interview a couple of years ago, before things went South. Here it is.

I do not mind that people disliked my column. There were quite a few people who liked it, and liked it quite a bit, and took the time to write me about it. It comes with the territory that when I pointed out that a few emperors were cavorting around buck nekkid, that some folks would not like it and would take me to task for it. One guy dropped me on Facebook, and did the same thing with Patricia. One Program Director is so mad at me, he called me a beauty for even approaching him for some information, referring to my writing as tabloid journalism. One female broadcaster whose name I do not know confused me with Wayne Harrett and was unfriendly to him until she realized Wayne wasn't me, at which time she became friendly with him. And I am told that some PD's told their staff not to talk to me (but they often would, anyway). I have big boy britches and can take it. So, I pass along Mike Cranston's email with a mixture of bemusement and detachment. Which is quite a combo.

See you tomorrow.



Hello again Andrew and Cliff....
I have just been told that the current edition of Frank Magazine features the final Radio Daze column by Bevboy Keddy. I haven’t read the magazine since November 10, 2014 when I last wrote you about what a sad little column Bevboy constructed every fortnight. I do question why it took you so long to eliminate the drivel and barf of this wanna be radio celebrity, who’s facts were always shaky, style was non-existant, and his column was the personification of mind numbing boredom. I look forward to going to the Superstore in a week or so to purchase the first Frank that has been cleansed of the stench of the tripe that emanated from Mr. Keddy’s computer.
Thank you for improving the content with the simple act of releasing Bevboy. (If he wants to believe it is a cost cutting be it!!!)
Michael Cranston
A returning Frank reader

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