Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Post 3097 - Yet More Radio News

Veteran CBC and CKBW broadcaster Les Stoodley died on October 26th. I am trying to track down some comments from jocks who knew him and who can share their comments with me, which I will put up here.

People who watch tv and are of a certain age will remember that Les Stoodley was the host of the regional "Reach for the Top" show, where they would quiz local high schoolers about things they should already know, and oftentimes didn't. I don't remember his hosting the show. I came along later, when Gerry Fogarty was the host.

My condolences to Les Stoodley's family.

And Stephanie Domet announced today that she will soon leave the CBC's Mainstreet show to focus on her artistic endeavors. I hate to speak/write ill of people who are leaving a job, but she was a terrible host. Her inane banter made the show unlistenable to me. When she was off the air, and she often was, her replacements were always better. I am sure that Carmen Klassen, Jackie Torrence and Bill Roach are already freshening their resumes.

Radio folks, if you want a job at the CBC, Mainstreet may even consider external candidates. You never know.

Ciao for now, folks.


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