Thursday, October 29, 2015

Post 3099 - (Not So Late) Thursday


After 10. Will turn in shortly.

After being awake until 1:30 or so this morning, and going to work and being there all day, I have to turn in earlier tonight.

I just spent about an hour installing yet another version of linux on this machine. This one is Linux Mint. I have not had a major problem mounting the hard drives I want to mount. The question is, will they remain mounted all night, or will I have to do something to wake them up? There are some tricks and tips I found on the web during my lunch hour today. A colleague suggested I get an adapter for these external hard drives that will create a splitter, where one output goes to a usb hub for data, and the other goes to a dedicated usb port on the back of the machine for power.

I know that these hard drives will stay mounted if I but hook them up to a Windows computer. I know that "mounted" is not a Windows term, but I am not sure what other one to use, and I am too tired to sit down and think of a better one. Sue me.

If the drives remain loaded, either normally, or via the method I am contemplating adding, then I can slowly rebuild the media center that I had before by reinstalling Plex Media Server and Sonaar and Sabnzbd.

Patricia wonders what I do down here for hour after hour after hour. She must think I am downloading corn or something. Most of the time I am doing things like spending untold amounts of time fussing with my media server to get it to do the things I need it to do, and then configuring it to make it work better or at least with more stability. Nothing sexy about that.

I wonder what people do, who don't have my background? The home hobbyist who hears about things and wants to try them out, but becomes frustrated and gives up after a short period of time? Oh, I know! They hit up folks like me to do the stuff for them. For free. I forgot. Never mind.

Friday will be here soon. I think I will turn in. Try to get caught up on my sle....zzzzzz.


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