Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Post 3115 - Tuesday

Late. Turning in soon.

We decided to go to Costco after work tonight. Too many samples later, we got home and after deciding to skip CSI:Cyber, I took my shower and got myself all primped and preened to watch The Flash. Excellent, as always. And Jay wasn't on to whine and moan, so all the better.

"Agent X", starring Sharon Stone, was just starting, but we decided to get caught up on the show this weekend, so that can wait.

I have no radio news today. I got two private FB messages on Monday each with radio news items that I had to pass along, so I did. Unlike when I had my Frank column, I will be more selective in what I publish here. When I had the column, I would spend hours trolling FB status updates and the few websites that contain radio-related news. I am more passive about it now. If someone passes along news, I will pass it along here. If I happen to notice something I will also report it here. Since nobody's payin' me to do it, I am not so inclined to do all that legwork. Maybe I am lazy, or just trying to re-establish priorities.

You will be pleased, I hope, to learn that I have decided to attempt to do another Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza this year. It will be my first Christmas without my mother, and ... well, how do I word this ... without a certain branch of my family in tow. My heart is not in to the holidays, as it is not in many things this year. Perhaps if I put on a Christmas tie and try to pose in odd places in the city throughout December, then I can get into a bit of the spirit. It is worth a try. Help me along, will you? Pass along suggestions for places to get my picture taken.

I guess that is it for tonight. I have a long day tomorrow. Toastmasters night.

See you tomorrow.


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