Saturday, November 21, 2015

Post 3119 - Saturday

Hi. Late.

Friday night was a night where I got home from work, got into my jammies, and fell asleep in my easy chair. I was done for the evening.

Today has been quiet as well, but tonight I got a pretty cool email from someone. He took the time to tell me he missed my Frank column, but having discovered this blog, he will check it out on a regular basis. He doesn't care what Mike Cranston thinks. I told him to go ahead and read the few dozen blog interviews I have out there, especially Cranston's. Hee hee.

The email made my day, and I think Mike Adams for writing me.

I spent a few hours today cleaning out my junk room. Not done by any means, but it will look a lot better come recycling day.

Think I will call it a day. Will do more cleaning up tomorrow.

See you then.


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