Monday, November 23, 2015

Post 3120 - Monday

After 10. Turning in shortly.

Been raining like a bugger all day long in these here parts. There is that old "joke" about how I saw a guy building an ark. I actually saw that guy drive off in his hummer this afternoon, leaving the ark half built. I can't say as I blame him.

I have had a very quiet evening at home. I am washing some clothes before I call it a day. I just watched the not-quite mid-season finale of "Gotham", and that show just gets better and better. I love this version of Alfred. He is some sort of former special combat soldier, past his prime, but still full of surprises and able to fight people half his age. He is my fave character on the show.

Also watched the not-quite mid-season finale of "Castle". The whole season has been about keeping the main characters apart, and the reasons for doing that never made much sense. I sense the producers just gave up tonight, and it's about time.

I have long since bailed on "The Blindspot" and only made it through 1.3 episodes of "Supergirl" before I decided life was too short to watch it any longer. I may force myself to finish watching "Jessica Jones" on Netflix, if only because I keep expecting a major fight or something to happen. Jessica is nonchalant about her powers, which most consist of throwing things and having epic coitus with Luke Cage, who will get his own Netflix show in 2016. I am about half way through the first season, and it is a struggle to go back to it.

What are you watching that I am not?

See you tomorrow.


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