Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Post 3122 - Exciting News

Just think, folks: Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza starts on December 1st, a mere 6 days from now.

I started this silly thing in 2008. That year, I didn't do as many ties as I had wanted to because my then-new car was in an accident the day after I bought it and I missed some time from work. But in 2009, I was wearing a different tie every work day in December leading up to the 25th. This will be the 8th year for this silly enterprise of mine.

There is no point in trying to talk me out of this, folks. You can't stop me. I am a juggernaut. I am unswayable in my quest to wear the crappiest ties imaginable, in the most improbable places you can think of, or can't think of. If I had a moustache I would be twirling it now and cackling maniacally.

I am still thinking of places to get my pic taken this year, so if you have any suggestions, please send them along.

The editions of the Christmas Tie Extravaganza will be easy for you to find, as they will have a special Christmas_2015 label. You will then be able to read these posts to your heart's content while you decorate your tree and hang with your friends. Which doesn't make much sense, really? I mean, who would read this blog as he was decorating a tree or hanging with his buds? Am I missing something?

Anyway, I must turn in so that I can plot additional tie situations for next month.

Are you excited to learn that the tie thing is coming back?

See you tomorrow!!


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