Thursday, November 26, 2015

Post 3123 - Radio News

CBC announced in the last hour or so that Bill Roach will be the new host of Weekend Mornings as of December 5th. This is a good thing. With all due respect to Allison Devereaux, who's been filling in this month, she is a come from away and just doesn't have the knowledge of the Maritimes necessary to do the job justice. The CBC did the right thing in hiring Bill Roach. People are already worried that he will play Led Zeppelin some Saturday morning at 6:15, so that gives me confidence that the show is in good hands. And Doug Barron is remaining as producer, so the continuity from when the late Stan Carew was the host will still be there.

This still leaves the CBC with the decision as to who will be the new host of Halifax's "Mainstreet" drive home show. Roach would have been very good at it as well; he already fills in for Stephanie's frequent absences and does the traffic reports, too. Stephanie's last show is... hmm, December 11th, I think. They will likely have a rotating roster of fill-in/try-out hosts. I would love to see Carmen Klassen get the job, or Jackie Torrence. Either would be terrific, but the CBC may hire someone else. Maybe someone from a private radio station in town will apply and get the gig. Time will tell. I figure they will hire someone early in 2016.

Congrats to Bill Roach!!

And Wayne Harrett is reporting that MBS has fired Phil Thompson and Don Sharpe, both from CKPE in Sydney. Both had the better part of 40 years on the radio. They will either not be replaced at all, or some 18 year olds working for room and board will get in.



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