Saturday, December 5, 2015

Post 3131 - Saturday

Hi. Ten pm. Going to bed soon.

Not feeling well tonight. We stepped out to go to a craft show today and were gone for a big chunk of the day. We got back around supper time, and throughout the evening I have been feeling ever crappier.

I mean, you could forgive me for feeling crappy just for having gone to a craft show. People, mostly women, flock to these things and fawn over fatuous trinkets produced in someone's garage by people hoping they will sell said trinkets for enough money to justify the production of additional trinkets, which will attract more people who want to buy more of these trinkets, thereby perpetuating this horrendous process until the end of time.

I ended up spending quite a bit of time on a husband chair outside one of the main craft rooms. Another man sat next to me and we passed some time wondering what possesses people to produce crafts, and why anyone would want to purchase them. You know. Guy stuff.

Patricia did get some mixes though. You combine sour cream, mayo, and a package of these mixes and you get some amazing dips, that we sampled and enjoyed. The owner of the business, at this website, says you can make marinades using these mixes and all of a sudden you have an excellent meal. That, I can get behind!

We eventually returned to the city from Middle Musquodoboit and picked up something for dinner before returning here. And then the cold started to sweep over me.

Hey, I listened to CBC Weekend Mornings this morning. Bill Roach's first show as the new host of the program. They had a tall order, finding someone to fill the late Stan Carew's shoes. I really believe that Bill Roach, along with Deputy Doug Barron remaining as Producer, can do it. If you gave up listening because Allison Devereaux was not the right choice, then please give the show another chance. You will not regret it.

I think I will turn in. You have a good night. I will talk at ya tomorrow.


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