Sunday, December 13, 2015

Post 3136 - Sunday

Hello. 10:36. Turning in shortly.

Long day. I woke up in the Valley and left the house late in the morning. I decided to have lunch in Wolfville at a place where I used to take Mom and have taken Patricia many times. This time, I was by myself. I decided to order take out for Patricia. I mentioned that she wasn't feeling well. Just before she left, a woman came over to me, put her hand on my shoulder, and told me she was sorry that my wife was so sick, especially at Christmas. I told her I appreciated her kind words, but that she was just a bit under the weather. Nice of the lady to be so compassionate, though.

I went to the Rainbow's End book store down the road. They recently moved across the street. Their old store, apparently, was smaller, but it had a unique charm to it that the new one doesn't have in abundance, yet. Maybe that's because I still think of it as the dollar store it was until they got pushed out a few months ago. Rainbow's End even has a few items from that dollar store that must have been left behind.

The bookstore has a much greater emphasis on new comics now. I bailed on buying comics quite a few years ago, and only got rid of all but a very few of them, two weeks ago. I am not about to start buying them again. Having stated that, they sure do have a lot of them at Rainbow's End. If I were still in the hobby/time-and-money-sucker, I would certainly buy from them. Not even sure if there is another place to buy new comics in the Valley.

They also have a nice collection of older mysteries at Rainbow's End, so I looked through them for a few minutes before I realized that nothing was grabbing me. There sure are a lot of what they call "cozies" featuring middle-aged single women and their cats. There is a whole sub-genre about that stuff. They must sell or nobody would buy them.

I returned to the city. Patricia was watching a movie on a channel she discovered last night that runs uncut, commercial-free movies from the 1980's. There is another channel featuring 1990's movies, and a third with stuff from the 00's. Either recently-added channels, or they had been there all along and we didn't know about them.

We sipped the expensive-as-heck egg nog from Fox Hill Cheese House that I had bought on Saturday. We both agreed it would taste even better with rum, so we may get some tomorrow. And I came downstairs and fell asleep in my recliner. Newbie jumped on top of me, and we fell asleep, which is why I am wide awake at 10:47.

We are heading into the last two working weeks of 2015. Five days this week, and 4.5 the next. Then, a full 10.5 days away from work. Yay.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow. I will tell you about the sneak preview of "Carol" that I won a double pass to see.



Chris in Cowtown said...

Hollywood Suite had been around since 2010; but recently rebranded to decades based programming. They are on free preview this month, but are normally $6/month for all 4.

Bevboy said...

Ah! Thanks, Chris in Cowtown. I knew about Hollywood Suite, but did not know it had re-branded. Might be worth keeping. There were some good films on there yesterday.

And, do I have a new reader? Number 4.8?

All the best.