Sunday, December 27, 2015

Post 3148 - Two Days Later

Hi. Merry Christmas. Happy Boxing Day. Whatever.

Like Jacob Marley, I have been making rather merry lately. I have inadvertently taken a couple of days away from the blog, and my 4.7 readers are disappointed. Some are threatening to move on to other blogs, which hurts my feelings. So, I will make a deal. There will be at least one blog post going on until the end of the year. And a New Year's resolution will be to write at least one post a day. K?

Saturday we ended up watching "A Moody Christmas" on Netflix, followed by the 8 episode series just called "The Moody's". It's an Australian show about how a dysfunctional family celebrates Christmas, over the course of 6 years. There is the usual layabout, the guy who means well but accomplishes nothing, and the guy who gets the girl, loses her, gets her again. Great fun show. I hope you check out both versions.

Today I awoke with a headache. But I got up anyway, and we drove to Bayer's Lake to the Staples. They had 32GB micro sd cards on special, and I got two of them, for our new smartphones. Like I think I mentioned before, these are so-called "budget" smartphones, the Moto G3 3rd generation, but I don't view a phone that retails for $249 as being a budget phone. If you do, then you make more money than I do, and I hate you. It only has 1GB of ram, and 8GB of storage, most of which is used up on mine just a few days later, what with the few apps I have downloaded. I got the micro sd card in an effort to move at least some of those apps to the card, and store a bunch of songs.

Speaking of music, Constant Reader Mike Richards, morning guy at CKBW in Bridgewater, has been extolling the virtues of bluegrass music to me in recent months. I was a hard sell. I though the music was kinda corny, what with the banjo's, no percussion, and the vocal style. I am slowly eating those early words.  I have Sirius XM on my new phone, as well as on my tablet and installed on my Roku devices (plus an actual Sirius XM radio). It is easy peasy to use wifi to get the Sirius XM content and stream it to a use a bluetooth-enabled  soundbar in my recroom. I found the bluegrass channel and have been listening to it a lot, and the music is starting to grow on me. I will likely fire up the app in a few more minutes and listen some more, before I turn  in.

Oh, the drive back to the house after the trip to Staples was not without incident. There is a double negative in the previous sentence. I will give you a moment to process it. Done? Okay. The storm hit while we were gone. The roads were greasy. A guy stepped out in front of us, and we could not stop in time. The gentleman stepped back on the side walk and walked behind us. He was fine. We were scared crapless. A little further up the road, a woman pulled her car out in front of us to get to the Ultramar station. She went into a skid. To avoid hitting her, we slammed on the brakes again, went into a spin, and hit the lip of a sidewalk next to a driveway.  The car behind us barely stopped in time. We got home, kissed the ground, and went inside, where we have been ever since.

My headache, despite the pill I had taken earlier, remained, and got even worse.

I have spent the day resting, and now my sleep pattern is frigged up. Thanks, Guy At Sidewalk. Thanks, Lady Who Couldn't Wait Five Seconds Until We Had Driven Past You.

You have a good evening. See you tomorrow. Unless someone drive into the house and kills us or something.


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