Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Post 3151 - Radio News - Revised

This is neat news.

Richard Zurawski is spinning off his weekly Science Files radio show, and will have his own radio show on News 95.7. It will be called "Richard Zurawski's Science Files". It debuts on February 6th, and will run from 11-noon AST.

This means that, if you want to, you can listen to Richard's show on News 95.7, and then switch over to the CBC at noon to listen to "Quirks and Quarks". Two hours of science programming on local radio. How much will you pay now?

I am trying to get more details. Perhaps Richard will give me a quotation or two to insert into this post. But what I know so far is that every week for the first 15 minutes, Saint Mary's University Astro Physics professor Rob Thacker will join Richard and talk about science news. Then, he will speak to other science professors at SMU. He will also talk to leading scientists across the country about the science issues of the day.

The Science Files feature on Mondays on the Rick Howe Show is very entertaining. He makes science interesting, compelling and understandable to even dullards like me. And Richard tells me that the Science Files on The Rick Howe Show every Monday morning will remain, and he will also keep doing a similar show on 570 News. Richard has asked me to specify that the sponsor for his new show will be Saint Mary's University, also known as SMU.

Say, I managed to correct Richard on a logarithmic issue a few months ago. He was discussing the Richter scale and said that an earthquake that was a 9 was 10000 times more powerful than one at 4. I did the math.


5 10x more powerful than a 4
6 100x
7 1000x
8 10000x
9 100000x

I reported this error to him. He said I was right. And that is the only time I will ever be able to correct someone of his stature on anything. Of course, he was on live radio, and being off by an order of magnitude is a very easy mistake to make when you don't have the figures in front of you. But I will still claim this victory if you don't mind.

I look forward to catching Richard's new show. The station streams online here, so there is no excuse for you not to hear it. And there will be a podcast, so you can even download the sucker and hoard it on your hard drive, along with all your other podcasts you follow.

See you tomorrow.


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